WHITESPACE is an online connection used specifically by designers. The great part is, it is not made specifically for any type of designer. Meaning, the range of styles is endless. Whether the designer qualify themselves creatively in graphics, industrial or even writing - they can find their place here. 


WHITESPACE believes that in order for a designer to reach their fullest potential, they must be able to create things with a holistic sense of how things work. The Daily Design Challenge pushes designers to accept challenges and completely them by designing in ways that aren't their privy. This pushes the tagline of, "LET'S QUIT ROLE PLAYING." The Daily Challenges are formed into three separate commitment levels due to time constraints and interest in the overall challenge. The first level consists of essays and sketches of how to theoretically solve a challenge. The second level would be expected to take a day or two to complete with renderings and larger scale plans. While the third level may take a month or so, creating a full proposal that could be submitted to contests or to the sponsor of the challenge. The challenges may be sponsored by companies that are in search of either new designers or new products. In the end, if a designer's solution is chosen, they would be contracted to finish the piece with the company if they so wish to do so.